Cleaning Tips


Failure to care for your vinyl properly, or use of improper cleaners will damage your vinyl upholstery and severly shorten it’s usable life.

Marine vinyl is different from other vinyl. It has a UV coating that can be damaged by improper cleaning. The thread can also be damaged by improper cleaning.



All marine vinyl manufacturers recommend cleaning the vinyl with mild soap, (Dawn, Ivory,Etc.), and warm water. Ideally, you should clean the vinyl after every use to avoid the need for any other cleaner. Should you find the need to use anything other than mild soap and water, only use a cleaner that is specifically for marine vinyl.

Follow all cleaning methods with a thorough rinse of warm water.

Keep the boat under a roof or covered with ventilation and/or a moisture remover such as damp rag whenever possible. If using a cover, uncover to let moisture out as often as possible to prevent mold or mildew.

Be Cautious of bleeding dyes from swim suits, towels, etc.

Clean suntan lotion and/or insect repellants from vinyl a.s.a.p.

After cleaning, use AeroSpace 303 vinyl protectant as directed religously.



Formula 409 – Murphy’s Oil Soap – Simple Green – DC Plus – Armor All – Top Coat Sealant
Roll Off – Son of a Gun – Orange 88 Degreaser – Mr. Clean Eraser – Bleach – Baking Soda
Tar Removers -Powered Abrasives – Apco – Harbor Mate – Steel Wool – Gasoline – Kerosene
Acetone – Fantastic – Any Silicone based protectant – Any Cleaner not Specifically for Marine Vinyl

Do Not Pressure Wash

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