Skin Kit Info

All of our upholstery skin kits are made to order if confirmed in the initial reply.

We use patterns for your specific year and model Correct Craft/Nautique boat.
All skins are made from the highest quality marine vinyl available.
We DO NOT use “special” or “discounted”  vinyl’s. We use the highest quality UV treated thread.
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1. What are Upholstery Skins?

The interior components of your Correct Craft/Nautique boat are generally made up of 3 parts:
1. The Foundation, usually made of wood or expanded pvc board or fiberglass. This is what the foam sits on and what the skins are stapled to.
2. The Foam is specifically designed for marine use and is made for a specific seat or back rest.
3. The Skin is put over the foam and staples to the foundation. The skins are the only part you actually see when installation is complete.

2. What is included in an Upholstery Skin set?

Skin(s) for the item(s) you order for your year and model Correct Craft/Nautique boat.

Welt (where applicable) – This is used along the top of the coaming pads and most of the interior backrest or vertical interior pieces where they meet the surface of the boat for a finished look. Varies in thickness.

Underliner (where applicable) – This is used to cover the bottom of the seats, some hatches and the back of some backrest.

Hidem (where applicable) – This is used along the edges to cover the staples on the seat bottoms, some hatches and the back of some backrest.

3. What is NOT included in an Upholstery Skin kit?

Skins for optional items such as Jump Seats, and other optional seating. (Can purchase seperately)
Foam ,other than what is laminated to some vinyl pieces. We do not do replacement foam, but we can provide information if you are looking for a completely new insert. We can supply a 1/2 inch top layer for your existing foam. 
Vinyl for formed ‘pods’ or dash. Wood or expanded PVC foundations are only available for installations done on premises. 

4. What about removing the old skins and installing the new ones?

Most of our customers remove the old skins and install the new skins themselves. Only you can decide if you think you have the ability to do the job. Should you decide to hire someone to do the job, we recommend you use an experienced Marine upholsterer.

You may want to make arrangements in advance with an experienced Marine upholsterer before or at the time you order your new skins to avoid problems finding one after you have already recieved your new skins.

Should you decide to do it yourself as most of our customers do, we will provide you with written tips, e-mail and phone support. We also have DIY tools and material available on our web site on our Installation page.

Visit our Installation page for more DIY information


Be advised that any damage and/or wear to the existing foam and/or foundations may affect how well the replacement skins fit and may require repair in order to obtain a proper fit.

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here.