Pricing Skins


Since your replacement skins will be made to order for your year and model boat, we have developed a procedure to obtain the pricing before ordering:

1.Go to the Quote/Contact & Order Page and complete the form.

We do not share your information and will not email you soliciting your business. We simply believe there is more you should know than just the price and we can be more precise and accurate by putting everything in writing. It also allows us to keep your information on file for future reference should you need our services again.

2. After submitting your Contact Form, you will receive our prices.

Once we receive your quote request with pictures of  your interior and the hull #, and you decide to proceed, we then send you out vinyl and/or carpet samples for you to choose from. Make sure that you have uploaded your photos with the contact form.

3. Once you have received and selected your sample color choices, you call us at 888-811-9350 to place your order. We will take your color choices as well as your payment information. Standard Interiors will require a little more information .

4. We will e-mail you a order confirmation. Including freight and time frame for shipment. We do not run your credit card until we are ready to order or cut vinyl to process your order.

5.  Upon completion and shipment of your order, we will e-mail you a tracking number.

Prices – How can you justify the price of your Skins?


We make every effort to keep our prices reasonable for hand-crafted work, and in comparison to others supplying hand-made Upholstery Skins we’re quite low. But certainly you can pay much less for a Upholstery Skin.

That’s why for years, we have reminded customers of this quote from John Ruskin:

“Quality. There is hardly anything in the world that some men cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”

To place a Parts or Accessory Order using our SKU #’s,
Please contact us directly at 888-811-9350